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The Department of Business Administration was founded in August 1997 upon approval from the Ministry of Education. Currently, the department offers two distinct four-year degree programs (for daytime and evening students), and two two-year degree programs (for evening students only). In accordance with the government policy of economic development, the department is designed primarily to cultivate qualified professionals in the fields of marketing, financial analysis, human resource management, and general management.

In addition to management courses, students are offered three modules, including Financial Management, Human Resource Management, and Marketing Management. The department also provides three subprograms , namely “Store Services Management”、 “Creative entrepreneurship Management” and “Hospitality & Tourism Management”. In response to demands of the job market, a number of practical courses on modern technology are available to all the students, such as business interactive simulations, microfilm production, 3D animation, 3D printing and commercial filming.
Besides all the courses offered on campus, we have made and are continuing to make efforts to increase students’ potentials and opportunities for future employment. Our endeavors in this area include: building partnerships with various organizations in different fields, inviting successful businessmen and professionals to share their experience and knowledge with our students, visiting schools overseas, and providing exchange learning programs abroad. In addition to the internship opportunities in Taiwan, we also build partnerships with businesses in foreign countries, such as Japan, Singapore, China, so that students can learn from a different cultural perspective during their overseas internships. In this way, students’ practical experience and ability will be enhanced to train students to become the preferred talents in the industry.